Jordan Spieth World Ranking

Jordan Spieth Stats

Average Points: 4.7440
Points: 218.22398
Earnings: $6,412,258
Points Lose: -109.7440
Points Gained: 134.15254
Events: 46

Jordan Spieth is an American professional golfer playing on the PGA Tour. Born and raised in Dallas, he comes from a sports family which encouraged him to play multiple sports at a young age. His mom and dad both played collegiate sports, and his brother, Steven, plays professional basketball at Brown University. As a child, Jordan played soccer, baseball, football and basketball; however, he began focusing on golf at the age of 12. He enrolled into Brookhaven Country Club where he took lessons from former professional golfer Cameron McCormick.

Spieth attended college at the University of Texas in 2012, and ended up helping their golf team win the National Collegiate Athletic Association men’s national title. His success winning the Collegiate tournament and placing high up in the U.S. Open led to Spieth eventually joining the PGA Tour the following year.

Jordan became the youngest golfer to win a PGA Tour event in 82 years, the first male in almost a century to win two majors before his 22nd birthday, as well as the youngest American golfer to win the British Open. Spieth also became the youngest athlete to win the Masters Tournament. He has recently been named to the 16-member PGA Tour’s Chairman of the Player Advisory Council for a three-year term.

Throughout his career, Jordan Spieth battled some of the best golfers in the world to championship victories. Competing at such a high level at a young age shows that he is one of the greatest golfers in the world. He has won 11 PGA tour events, 3 European tour events, and 2 Australasia Tour events.

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